New Khmer Grammar in English | វេយ្យាករណ៍

With the current lack of a comprehensive Khmer Grammar in English we have begun the task to create such a work so that students desiring to understand the Khmer language better can have easy access to the inner-workings of Khmer.  This grammar is also designed to coincide with our Khmer Grammar Checker, with rules currently inputted in parenthesis. Any corrections or additions are welcome, just leave them in the comments. You can view the grammar here: SBBIC Khmer Grammar
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New Release of Khmer Grammar Checker Alpha 2

We are releasing an updated version of the Khmer grammar checker for Open Office that includes a list of over 25,000 Khmer words tagged with parts of speech.  This grammar checker is in the very early stages, so there are false positives, as well as rules we have yet to input.  If you are interested in learning more go to the SBBIC Khmer grammar checker page here. If you find an error, please add it to the comments.  If you have a rule you would like to add, please let us know by commenting.  Thank you! DOWNLOAD: SBBIC Khmer Grammar…
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SBBIC Khmer Grammar Checker Using LanguageTool

SBBIC has wanted to see a Khmer grammar checker developed for some time now, and we have just begin to start the process.  We selected LanguageTool, a grammar checker extension for OpenOffice as the best option for a Khmer grammar checker.  You can download our latest Alpha 3.5 test release if you want to try it out.  Usage is very, very, very limited at this stage, but please try it out, and develop more rules to be used and pass them on to us to include in the next version.  The extension requires Java 5.0 or higher. Currently there are…
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Khmer Grammar Checker Proof-of-Concept

We’ve wanted to work on creating a Khmer grammar checker for some time now, and now we have begun.  We found the LanguageTool extension for OpenOffice and decided it was the best option for a Khmer grammar checker.  Here is a proof-of-concept video: The first Khmer grammar rule we chose to input is someone controversial, but because it was an easy rule to input into the grammar checking program, so we decided to use it (see: for more info on the rule). We need your help to begin the long and hard process of programming the extension with Khmer…
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Updated Khmer Spelling Checker for OpenOffice

We’ve just released version 1.4 of our Khmer spelling checker for OpenOffice. We added programming to have the checker check for ់ in order to catch words that were only missing the ់ and we also corrected and added some new words.  Please give us feedback!  If you find errors let us know so we can correct them. DOWNLOAD: SBBIC Khmer Spelling Checker 1.4 for OpenOffice
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It seems PanCambodia’s website has been down for a while and we have not yet heard why or if they are planning to open a new website (if you have any info, please let us know in the comments).  But we wanted to make the programs that Pan Cambodia has created available while their site is down. Download “PAN Khmer Spell Checker” – Downloaded 2973 times – 52.00 MB
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MOOR Online Legacy to Unicode Converter

MOOR Software has created an online tool that allows you to convert legacy fonts to Unicode.  Visit their website and upload the document you want to convert. Visit: UPDATE: Unfortunately this site is no longer online. You can try this online converter:
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Microsoft Office Khmer Language Interface Pack 2007

Download the Khmer language interface pack for Microsoft Office 2007 which enables all the menu’s in Office to be in Khmer.  It looks like there are still some bugs to be worked out, but hopefully with more people using it those problems can be worked out.  Thanks to Tim Boeun for posting this on his blog. Download: Microsoft Office Khmer Language Interface Pack 2007
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