We’ve just released a new version of our extension for OpenOffice.org 3.x to include a Khmer spelling checker. Based on the word-lists of KhmerOS and SBBIC. Allows for Khmer numbers as well as the inclusion of ទី before numbers. No longer will Khmer numbers be viewed as misspelled words. We also included some better coding to make the checker better at giving you a correct spelling for a misspelled word.  Also, now the ៗ​ character will no longer cause words to be misspelled.  In this release we added more Khmer proper names as well as additional number and date combinations.  There are now 75,133 words and phrases included in the spelling checker.  Thank you to all the volunteers who made this possible!

Please help us improve this Khmer spelling checker by sending us new words and any errors that you encounter or features that you think would help by commenting below.  Thank you!

Download here: KhmerOS and SBBIC Spelling Checker 1.3 for OpenOffice.org 3.x

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