The two versions of the Khmer Bible can now be viewed online for free in Unicode!

Special thanks to Maurice Bauhahn and the Bible Society in Cambodia!


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  • Nettie Sommers
    February 27, 2012 6:22 pm

    I would like to use Khmer Bible’s scriptures in translating two books to Khmer language. How to do get the permission to use your online scriptures?

    • If you are just quoting a verse here or there, there is no need to get permission. For long quotations (more than 1,000 verses or a whole book), you need only to cite “Scripture Text: Khmer Old Version © United Bible Societies. Used by Permission.” If you want to get permission you have to get it through the Cambodian Bible Society.

  • The new translation is well loved by the christian public and the New Testament is readable by the average person. However, since it is a story so estranged from Buddhism or Folk Religions it requires well trained helpers to explain the meaning of salvation through the death of Christ, for example. Not withstanding, God’s Holy Spirit works in our hearts and reveals salvation through Christ to all those who seek Jesus with sincerity. James Verner

  • Loyal Osterhoudt
    February 8, 2018 3:23 pm

    I have developed a bible note taking system that is translatable by search and replace about 300 words. My goal was to make something to help first bible students to take notes in an organized and indexed manner. The second goal is to provide a system for Christians to gather materials about/for ministry. It has 26 categories that are almost or nearly indexed with template to translate into another language.
    i’D like to know exactly whom do I need permission to use the bible as text in the program. It is a free and open source system I have handed out now for 20 years at my own cost. The templates for the note system are good but I am still working out quirks on the commentary, dictionary, history, kids bible stories, kids lessons, mentoring and topic indexs. But soon I think everything will be converted to html 5 and ready for translation. Since i work in Thailand Id’ like to help sea churches have something they can use thats really free and open. Now I am working towards getting this ready for Cambodia. Need to get permission to use the bible. Can you point me in the right direction?


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