Want to use Khmer numbering for page numbers in InDesign? Download this script and place it in the InDesign scripts directory. When you run the script you should see a new paragraph style called “Khmer” which will use Khmer numbering if applied as the page numbering paragraph style. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments. Pleas see the introduction Below:

Download “Khmer Page Numbering Script for InDesign”

Khmer-Page-Numbering-for-InDesign.zip – Downloaded 3451 times – 586.00 B

NOTE: If you get an error when running the script – be sure you have the All Khmer Unicode Fonts from our website installed on your system here: Download All Khmer Unicode Fonts


1. Extract file downloaded

2. Log in Indesign then–Window>Utilities>Scripts(Alt+Ctrl+F11)


3. User>Reveal in Explorer




5.  Type > Insert Special Character > Markers > Current Page Number(Alt+Shift+Ctrl+N)


6. It will not show in Khmer yet.



7. Select All — User > Khmer Page Numbering > Run Scriptindesign-khmer-numbers-68. Then — Paragraph Style > Khmer

indesign-khmer-numbers-79. Finally Reload your Indesign



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  • This is great news. The page numbering was about the only thing lacking in InDesign support for Khmer.

  • This is really useful, Thank you very much!

  • how about justification in indesign cs6?

    • Unfortunately, there is a bug in InDesign CS6 which prevents justification working correctly for Khmer. I have contacted Adobe about this and after many hours on the phone with them they finally came to understand that there is actually a bug in the program. But they have yet to produce a patch, and it is unlikely that they ever will fix the issue in CS 6. At this time it also is not fixed in the new InDesign CC. But justification works great for Khmer in InDesign CS 5.5 (what we currently use for book layout).

      • Is the issue related to the justification problem also related to problems with (1) pushing the text down to a new line whenever there is a “real” space and (2) splitting up words and pushing them down to a new line?

        This is the problem I am having when copying from a Word doc to InDesign. The font is fine but the text gets pushed down in the wrong places.

        • Nathan Wells
          June 14, 2016 1:21 am

          Hi Todd,
          Not totally sure if I understand the issues you are having.
          1) If there is a real space, then the text should be pushed to a new line – you can use a non-breaking space if you need to keep text on the same line, if that is the issue you are having.
          2) Placing zero-width spaces between words will work so that InDesign will break correctly. You can also use Hyphenation in InDesign – I haven’t made a tutorial for that yet, but I can if you are interested.
          Does that answer your questions? If not, send me an email and I can try to help out. info sbbic.org

      • Can you sent me script justification works great for khmer in design CS 5.5?

  • how about Indesign CC 2014? it not work , Please help

    • Nathan Wells
      May 10, 2016 7:57 am

      I don’t personally have a copy of InDesign CC 2014 but it should work on every version from CS4 and above.
      Does it give an error of some sort? Do you have Khmer fonts installed?
      Can you take a screenshot of the result and send it to info [at] sbbic.org?


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