This is a working list of Khmer words that mean the same thing but have multiple spellings.  We want to standardize the spellings to be used in the Khmer grammar checker so that books and publications will only use one spelling rather than multiple spellings consistently.  We need your help to add more alternate spellings to this list!  If you have any alternate spellings, please post them in the comments and we will include them on the main page.  One way to tell what word should be used is by searching for each term in Google and using the one that has the most uses.  Currently we do our best to follow Chuon Nath’s spelling (not always the head-word, but the spelling used within the dictionary).  Our list is currently being used in the LanguageTool grammar checker, so your document will use consistent spellings.

Download the current list (1770 words): 

Download “Khmer Coherency Wordlist”

coherency.txt – Downloaded 2165 times – 71.29 KB

Example multiple spellings in Khmer:

ឲ្យ = ឱ្យ = អោយ

កម្ពស់ = កំពស់

កម្នាញ់ = កំណាញ់

កម្លាំង = កំលាំង

មកុដ = មង្កុដ = ម្កុដ

ចៃដន់ should be ចៃដន្យ

ជីព should be ជីពជន្ម

ឋិតិ should be ស្ថិតិ

តម្លៃ should be តំលៃ

ពុទ្ធសាស្នា​ should be ពុទ្ធសាសនា

ទំលាប់ should be​​ ទម្លាប់ (more popular on Google)

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