We recently ported our SBBIC Khmer keyboard to Mac. We added a colon symbol (“:” with right ALT+L or OPTION+L on Mac) as well as a dash (“-” with right ALT+D or OPTION +D on Mac). The keyboard is based on the Khmer OS and NiDA keyboard.

1. Unzip the keyboard layout by either simply double clicking the zipped file or by using other software like StuffIt. Safari unzips automatically.
2. The keyboard will either have the extension .keylayout
3. In the Finder, choose Go > Computer or type Shift-Command-C. This opens up your account folder.
4. Expand the Macintosh HD item, then the Library item, scroll down to find Keyboard layouts.
5. Drag the keyboard layout you saved earlier into the Keyboard layouts list.
6. Log off the computer or restart it.
7. Open System Preferences > Language and Text. Click the Input Sources tab. Scroll down until you find Khmer SBBIC V2. Make sure the checkbox is selected. The layout is now ready to use.
8. To access the key layout, click on the flag at the top of your screen at the right hand corner, Select the keyboard layout from the list. Or type Command-Space to scroll through your language options.
9. The keyboard will be listed as Khmer SBBIC V2.
10. If you cannot find a letter, click on the flag at the top of your screen at the right hand corner, Select Show Keyboard Viewer


Download “SBBIC Keyboard for Mac OS X”

Khmer-SBBIC-Keyboard-for-Mac-OS-X-V21.zip – Downloaded 9406 times – 52.65 KB



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