SBBIC Khmer Spelling Checker for Microsoft Word

Download a free Khmer Spelling Checker for Microsoft Word 2010-2013 today (Windows only)!

IMPORTANT: There are two versions of the add-in based on your version of Microsoft Word. If you have Word 32-bit, download the 32-bit installer, and if you have Word 64-bit, download the 64-bit installer 

In Office 2013

  1. Open an Office 2013 program.
  2. Click File > Account.
  3. Under Office Updates, you can see the version, but to see both the version and platform, click About program name (like About Word).Microsoft Word 2013 (15.0.0000.0000) MSO (15.0.0000.0000) 32-bit

In Office 2010

  1. Open an Office 2010 program.
  2. Click File > Help.
  3. Under About Microsoft program, (like About Microsoft Word) the version is listed with the platform, similar to this:Version: 14.0.0000.0000 (32-bit)

Download “SBBIC Khmer Spelling Checker for Microsoft Word 32-bit” – Downloaded 14634 times – 961.57 KB

Download “SBBIC Khmer Spelling Checker for Microsoft Word 64-bit” – Downloaded 15249 times – 961.38 KB

You can download the opensource sourcecode here:
This add-in was not free to develop, so if you find it useful, please consider making a donation to SBBIC to cover development costs. Thank you!

  • Thank you to those
  • who have donated!

And if you want to help more, share this page with your friends. Thank you!



1. Download the version of the spelling checker based on which version of Microsoft Office you have (32-bit or 64-bit)

2. Extract File and Install by double clicking on setup:



3. After installation, reload your Ms.Word. Then start typing your Khmer documents (with a zero-width space between each word).

Next go to ADD-INS > SBBIC Khmer Spelling Checker.



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