Updated Khmer Book Template 1.1|ពុម្ព​សៀវភៅ​នៃ ​ស.ស.ឈ.ន.ក

The SBBIC Khmer Book Template for OpenOffice has been updated. We corrected some errors as well as improved it’s compatibility with Khmer. Make sure you have Tools->Options->Language Settings->Languages “Locale setting” set to “Khmer” And that Tools->Options->Language Settings->Complex Text Layout “General Options” “Numerals” is set to “System” You will also want to have all the Khmer Unicode fonts on your system, which you can download here: [Download not found] DOWNLOAD the SBBIC Khmer Book Template for OpenOffice: [Download not found]
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Khmer Word-Breaking Patch for ICU Coming Soon!

One main issue that inhibits the easy use of Khmer on computers is the issue of word-breaking.  Since Khmer does not use spaces between words, we are forced to use a zero-width-space between words in order for computers to rightly split words.  There have been projects seeking to automate Khmer word-breaking, but in large measure they are either too slow or too inaccurate (or both).  Recently SBBIC was able to help submit a patch for ICU (International Components for Unicode – http://site.icu-project.org/) that automatically splits Khmer words based on a large word dictionary.  You can view the patch here: http://bugs.icu-project.org/trac/ticket/8329…
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New Khmer Numbers WordPress Plugin

One issue with using a WordPress blog for Khmer is that numbers are still in latin/arabic format.  We’ve just released a plugin for WordPress that replaces dates and times with Khmer names and numbers (it is in use on this site – just view https://sbbic.org/lang/km-kh/ Let us know if it is helpful! DOWNLOAD: [Download not found]
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Khmer Book Template for OpenOffice|ពុម្ព​សៀវភៅសម្រាប់ OpenOffice

Creating a book in Khmer has some difficulties, so we’ve created a template for OpenOffice that we hope will make the task easier.  The goal is to make a template so that a book can be fully in Khmer (some steps need an extra extension which you can read about on the download page). You can download the first version of the SBBIC Khmer Book Template from the OpenOffice website. DOWNLOAD: [Download not found]
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SBBIC Khmer Numbering Extension for OpenOffice

Ever want to use Khmer numbers in a Table of Context or Index in OpenOffice Writer only to find that it was impossible?  There is a known bug/lack of feature in OpenOffice that does not allow native numbering in tables/indexes (http://openoffice.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=90681), but while we wait for that to be fixed, we created an extension that makes it a little easier to use Khmer numbers in your Writer document.  This extension adds a menu item to “Tools->Add-ons” that automatically replaces all latin/arab numbers to Khmer numbers (either in the whole document or based on your selection).  It is up for download…
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ទាញយកវចនានុក្រមខ្មែរ​របស់​សម្ដេច​សង្ឃ ជួន ណាត ២.១

Chuon Nath’s Dictionary is one of the finest works in the Khmer language. Now SBBIC has included it with our English to Khmer dictionary running on Windows and Mac (and Linux if you install GoldenDict). You can download these dictionaries here: Download Chuon Nath Dictionary for Windows – Click HereDownload Chuon Nath Dictionary for Mac – Click HereYou also can download the JAVA version of the Chuon Nath dictionary released by the Buddhist Institute of Cambodia. The Buddhist Institute of Cambodia has released a new version of Chuon Nath’s Khmer to Khmer Dictionary.  Visit the link below to find out…
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