One of the issues with the current Khmer Unicode fonts is the English characters included do not look good (and this is understandable as they were not meant to be used as English fonts). But for some, we use both English and Khmer, in certain documents and so having a font that displays Khmer and English properly is necessary. We recently combined the KhmerOS Battambang font with Droid Serif to create an appealing sans-serif font for both English and Khmer.

Download “Khmer SBBIC Serif Font” – Downloaded 3048 times – 76.39 KB

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  • is this font render well with Android phone??? or is there any other font that render well with Android phone??

  • By the way, that font is called “Khmer SBBIC Serif” and not “Sans Serif” since it has serifs…

  • Roger Sperberg
    September 6, 2011 6:37 pm

    A couple notes:

    – Presumably, setting Droid Serif for Western/Latin and one of the Khmer-script Google web fonts for Khmer (such as Battambang, instead of KhmerOS Battambang) in Firefox and other browsers should allow the same effect when viewing an html page.

    – This issue of suitably sized Khmer and Latin letters in the same paragraph is vexing and you seem to have found a nice balance. Great work!

    I wish Droid Serif contained the ten or so necessary IPA symbols to represent Khmer phonetics. Then we’d have a good dictionary font too.


    • Hi Roger,

      If you direct me to an open font (like Droid) that has the symbols you would like I could add them to this font.
      Let me know if that would be beneficial.


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