We’ve updated the SBBIC English to Khmer Dictionary to use the native Dictionary app on Mac OS and also added the Chuon Nath Khmer Dictionary so that you can have easy access to both. If you want to add terms or correct any errors in the English to Khmer Dictionary you can do so by following the instructions on this page. We welcome any corrections and additions so that this dictionary can become more and more useful to those translating as well as those interested in studying the English and Khmer language. This is not a traditional dictionary but includes many sentences as well as terms to aid in translation.

In order to install the English to Khmer Dictionary as well as the Chuon Nath Dictionary please follow these instructions:

1) Download a .zip file containing both dictionaries

Download “SBBIC Free English to Khmer Dictionary with Chuon Nath Dictionary for Mac”

SBBIC-English-Khmer-and-Chuon-Nath-Mac-2.1.zip – Downloaded 13503 times – 21.70 MB

2) Extract the .zip file onto your hard drive

3) Open the Dictionary App on your Mac Computer.

4) Click “File->Open Dictionaries Folder…”

5) Drag the extracted dictionary files you downloaded to the “Dictionaries Folder”

6) Re-start the Dictionary App

7) Open the Dictionary App “Preferences” and scroll down and Select the check box next to “SBBIC English to Khmer Dictionary” and “Chuon Nath Khmer Dictionary”

8) Use the dictionaries!

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  • this file zip i can’t open

    • Make sure the download completed – it should be 22MB in size. Try using Firefox to download the file – if it fails you can resume. Let me know if you continue to have trouble. Thanks!

  • this zip I can’t open. I tried download two time but just appeared 21.7MB

    • Sorry about that! Try using a browser like Firefox and ensure the download completed. Let me know if you continue to have trouble.

  • So I downloaded through Safari, but I’m only getting .txt file when I extract the .zip folder. The .zip folder isn’t as large as you say it should be either. It is only 339 KBs. What may be the problem?

    • Nathan Wells
      July 17, 2016 10:50 am

      Maybe try downloading again, or possibly try a different browser. Not sure why it would be so small outside of a server error.

  • I downloaded twice and it worked.

  • Is this still working? I was able to download and extract the file, added it to the dictionaries folder, restarted, but the Khmer dictionaries were never listed in preferences for me to check them. Tried twice now. Any tips? I’m using Version 2.2.1 (178) if that makes a difference. If I manually click on the plug ins they say, “There is no application set to open the document “chuon-nath-khmer.dictionary”.

  • It’s nice to have a translation but pretty useless if you don’t know the Khmer script

    • Yes, it was designed with Cambodians in mind, as well as translators. Not really for beginners in the language (there are many other dictionaries for beginners that you can buy in book form).

  • យូង ខាំ
    May 18, 2018 11:19 am



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